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State Guidance

Fiscal Appendices
  • Fiscal Guidance
    The Fiscal Guidance is provided for 21st CCLC programs to assist with the development and operation of an organization's fiscal processes in its financial management system. It is intended to apply within the framework of the federal accounting principles and standards.
    (pdf, 563kb)
  • FPD 208 Form
    (doc, 117kb)
  • Sample Budget Narrative
    (pdf, 150kb)
  • Programmatic Budget Amendment Form
    (doc, 87kb)
  • First 60 Days Program Checklist
    (doc, 31kb)
  • Reporting Requirements
    (pdf, 127kb)
  • Sample Expenditure Form
    (doc, 45kb)
  • Voluntary Reduction Form
    (doc, 31kb)
  • Electronic Payment Form
    (doc, 75kb)

Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)