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No Open Grant Competition at this Time

Thank you for your interest in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) Grant. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) hosted a 2017-2018 21st CCLC Grant competition that closed on January 16, 2017. Future 21st CCLC competitions are contingent upon the availability of the federal grant funds. The determination regarding funding is made on annual basis by the US Congress, and in turn, by the state of NC. Please check back at this site later for updates regarding future competition announcements.

The resource and guidance materials used during the most recent competition are listed below. They are provided to support planning for future competitions. However, please note that the embedded content of the materials and related requirements are subject to change with each competition

Resources from 2017-2018 21st CCLC Competition

  • Application Guidance
    (pdf, 731kb)

  • 2017-18 21st CCLC Application Planning Worksheet
    (docx, 231kb)

  • 21st CCLC- Operating Programs by County (Indicator of Underserved Regions)
    (xlsx, 15kb)

  • NC Department of Commerce Data by County
    2016 NC County Tier Designations

  • Technical Assistance Presentations

    • NEW 21st CCLC Scoring Rubric Webinar Power Point Presentation
      (pdf, 3.6mb)
      A copy of the Application Scoring Rubric can be found in Appendix D (page 39) of the Request for Proposal Application Guidance – 2017-2018 (pdf, 731kb)

    • 21st CCLC RFP Technical Assistance Presentation
      (pdf, 1.0mb)

    • NEW!! RFP Rubric Webinar FAQs
      (pdf, 551kb)


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