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Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps Between Groups: Lessons from Schools and Districts on the Performance Frontier
Presenter: Kati Haycock, President , The Education Trust


Creativity, Inc
Presenters: Patrick Cronin & Wendy Shanahan, Institute of Emerging Issues, NC State University
(ppt, 407kb)

Academic Services Update with Focus on RttT and the Legislature
Presenters: Academic Services, NCDPI
(ppt, 2.5mb)

Exceptional Children Updates
Presenters: Exceptional Children, NCDPI
(ppt, 974kb)

Learning System Updates
Presenters: Sarah McManus, Learning Systems Director, NCDPI
(ppt, 691kb)

Tripod Classroom-Level Student Perceptions as Measures of Teaching Effectiveness
Presenter: Ronald F. Ferguson, The Tripod Project
(ppt, 5.6mb)

Impact on Student Learning
Presenter: Allan Odden, Co-Director of Strategic Management, Consortium of Policy Research in Education
(ppt, 341kb)

Teacher Effectiveness: Considerations
Presenter: Barbara Kapinus, Senior Policy Analyst,, National Education Association
(ppt, 696kb)


Intercultural Competence: Implications for the Classroom and Beyond
Presenter: Darla Deardorff, Executive Director, AIEA Research Scholar, Program
(pdf, 1.1mb)

Town Hall Meeting on High School Graduation and Dropout Prevention
The Meaning Behind the Numbers
Presenter: Janet Johnson, President, EDSTAR, Inc.

The Best Laid Plans: How District Policies Adversely Impact Students
Presenter: Robert Landry, Retired Superintendent
(doc, 39kb)

Transforming Urban Classrooms through Strengths: Making Students Smart Again through the Pedagogy of Confidence
Presenter: Yvette Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, National Urban Alliance for Effective Education
(pdf, 5.7mb)
Kids Teaching Kids
(pdf, 444kb)
Raising Expectations Is Aim of New Effort
(pdf, 2.1mb)


From Snorkeling to Deep Sea Diving: Breaking Beyond Surface Reading
Presenter: Julie Joslin, English/Language Arts Section Lead, NCDPI
(ppt, 3.0mb)

Not Just a New Name
Presenter: Kitty Rutherford, Elementary Mathematics Consultant, NCDPI
(ppt, 3.5mb)

Uses and Misuses of Subscale Scores
Presenter: Garron Gianopulos, Psychometrician, NCDPI
(pdf, 1.7mb)

Health is Academic!
Presenter: Paula Hildebrand, Chief Health & Community Relations Officer, NCDPI
(ppt, 4.8mb)

Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort: Overview of New Standards, Assessments and Accountability in North Carolina
Presenter: Mike Martin, Policy and Planning Analyst, NCDPI
(ppt, 5.6mb)

New Accountability Model
Presenter: Lou Fabrizio, Accountability Director, NCDPI
(ppt, 2.6mb)

Engaging Literacy Strategies for Grades 3-5
Presenter: Pat Calfee, Educational Consultant, Teaching Resources
(pdf, 2.2mb)

Engage Me or Enrage Me
Presenter: Kristal Britton, Mission Possible Specialist, Guilford County Schools
(pdf, 3.4mb)

Partnerships for STEM Exposure for ALL Students
Presenter: Bill Hatch, CTE Consultant, NCDPI
(ppt, 8.9mb)

Creating a Climate for Learning
Presenter: Shayne Goodrum, District/School Transformation Team Lead, NCDPI
(ppt, 3.3mb)

Federal Programs: Support for High Quality Programs
Presenter: Donna Brown, Federal Program Monitoring Section Chief, NCDPI
(ppt, 389kb)

Collaborating Effectively in 21st Century Schools
Presenter: Thomas Miller, Middle School Director, Charter Day School
(ppt, 434kb)

Before the Autopsy: Leveraging Data Tools to Save More Students
Presenter: Barbara James, Accountability Coordinator, Gaston County Schools
(pdf, 4.3mb)

The North Carolina Educator Evaluation System
Presenter: Yvette Stewart, Lead PD Consultant, NCDPI
(ppt, 3.0mb)

The Empowerment Modeling Initiative
Presenter: Willie Stevens, Home School Coordinator, Brunson Elementary School
(ppt, 650kb)

Equal Access: Education for Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents
Presenter: Kathy Putnam, Program Manager, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of NC
(pdf, 3.4mb)

Making Co-Teaching/Inclusion a Success
Presenter: Jonathan Ribbeck, Principal, Celeste Henkel Elementary
(ppt, 1015kb)

Enhancing Performance on North Carolina End-of-Grade Tests with Online Tools
i-Ready Screener (pdf, 2.7mb)
NC EOG i-Ready (pdf, 363kb)
Presenter: Sue Ritchie, Senior Implementation & Support Specialist, Curriculum Associates
(pdf, 2.5mb)

Classroom Interventions That Rescue the Discouraged
Presenter: Julian Wilson, Instructional Technology Consultant, NCDPI
(ppt, 1.5mb)

Implementing Change is a Journey
Presenter: Maria Pitre-Martin, Director of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction, NCDPI
(pdf, 709kb)