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Lung, Hope Section Chief Test Development 919.807.3774
Auman, Dan Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Test Measurement Specialist for ELA, EOG, and EOC Assessments 919.807.3780
Barbour, Betty Administrative Assistant Administrative Support for Test Development 919.807.3784
Bryant, David Parent/Consumer Testing Information Consultant Counseling/Responsive Services for Testing and Accountability (Testing Questions/Concerns) 919.807.3775
Gallagher, Michael Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Math Test Development (EOG & EOC) 919.807.3777
Gianopulos, Garron Psychometrician Technical Development of Statewide Assessments, Design and Implementation of Tests 919.807.3956
Mbella, Kinge Psychometrician Test Development, ELA, SBAC 919.807.3807
Molique, Julie Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Online Testing 919.807.3428
Vacant Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Testing Analyst / Statistical Sampling NA
Pearson, Jami-Jon Psychometrician Technical Development of statewide assessments 919.807.3559
Sheffield, Wayne Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Test Measurement Specialist for Science EOG and EOC Assessments 919.807.3783