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ESSA Information


ACT Information


Accountability Brief: School Performance Grades (pdf, 164kb)


Alternative Schools Accountability Model Webinar – Sep 29, 2014

Achievement Level Ranges (Cut Scores) and Achievement Level Descriptors


Assessment Brief: Understanding the Five Achievement Levels (April 24, 2014) (pdf, 44kb)
Information on the five achievement levels for End-of-Grade (EOG) and End-of-Course tests and their alternate assessments adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education at its March 2014 meeting.


Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility
For additional information on ESEA flexibility, use the link above to visit the ESEA webpage in the NCDPI Federal Program Monitoring section.


Required Tests for the North Carolina Testing Program:
2018-2019 (pdf, 246kb) | 2017-2018 (pdf, 178kb) | 2016-2017 (pdf, 180kb) | 2015-2016 (pdf, 163kb)
Charts of North Carolina State Board of Education and Federally Required Tests


North Carolina Testing Program Required Testing and Alternate Assessments
2018-2019 (pdf, 234kb) | 2017-2018 (pdf, 165kb) | 2016-2017 (pdf, 158kb) | 2015-2016 (pdf, 178kb)
Required Testing and Alternates Assessments Policy Requirements


North Carolina Testing Program Assessment Options
Information on the standard test administration and alternate assessment options available and their eligibility criteria


North Carolina Testing Program Overview (pdf, 342kb)
Descriptions of the tests required by the North Carolina Testing Program; elementary school-grades 3-8; high school grades 9-12; and alternate assessments


Understanding the Individual Student Report Documents (UISRs)
A web page containing all of the UISRs for the North Carolina testing program.


The Online Testing Irregularity Submission System (OTISS) Web Page
User documentation and automated tutorials to help test coordinators submit and process testing irregularities


No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

Data and Reports
Links to the following state accountability reports: State, School System (LEA) and School Performance Disaggregated Data Report | State Testing Results | Technical Reports | SAT Report | NAEP Reports


Testing Security
North Carolina Testing Code of Ethics, Testing Security Protocol and Procedures for North Carolina School Personnel publication, and The Proctor's Guide


National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

  • NCDPI NAEP Web site
    Reports and resources for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

United States Department of Education (USED) Related Items

  • Letter from USED regarding the approval of North Carolina's standards and assessments (October 22, 2010)
    (pdf, 929kb)
  • Prior letter from USED regarding the results of the peer review process (August 12, 2009)
    (pdf, 910kb)


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