National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Resources

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The following links provide additional resources for the National Assessment of Educational Progress:

NAEP Questions Tool
NAEP release questions each year. This site provides easy access to NAEP questions, student responses, and scoring guides that are released to the public. Both national and state data, where appropriate, are presented.

NAEP Data Explorer
The NAEP Data Explorer provides tables of detailed results from NAEP’s national and state assessments. The data are based on information gathered from the students, teachers, and schools that participated in NAEP.

NAEP Item Maps
Item Maps use released questions from previous NAEP assessments to show the knowledge and skills demonstrated by students at different performance levels for six subjects: reading, mathematics, science, civics, economics, and U.S history.

Information for Parents
Answers to questions commonly asked by parents of students who have been selected to participate in NAEP