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Testing Students with Disabilities Archives

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The following are links to archived documents related to the testing of students with disabilities:


The Spring 1998 North Carolina Exemption Study (pdf)
This study reports on the performance of students with disabilities at grades 3-8 who were exempted from the statewide administration of one or both of the North Carolina End-of-Grade Tests during the 1997-1998 school year. The results of this study must be interpreted with caution due to the small sample of students.


The IDEA Amendments of 1997 and North Carolina Alternate Assessments (pdf)
(February 2000) This assessment brief contains information for state-mandated alternate assessments for the grade 3 pretest, end-of-grade tests, and the high school comprehensive test effective July 1, 2000.


Alternate Assessment Changes in the North Carolina Testing Program 2005-06 (pdf, 850kb)
Letter from Mary Watson, Lou Fabrizio, and Jackie Colbert with information about the changes in the alternate assessments for the North Carolina Testing Program for the 2005-06 school year


North Carolina Checklist of Academic Standards (NCCLAS)
Information on the North Carolina Checklist of Academic Standards (NCCLAS)


NCEXTEND2 for Occupational Course of Study
Information on the NCEXTEND2 for Occupational Course of Study (OCS)