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Revised 03/07/01 saj

Data Requirements

  1. Three years of data are required for the following components to be included in the ABCs growth/gain.
    • English II
    • College University Prep/College Tech Prep
    • ABCs Dropout Rate (Only two years of data for 2000-01; three years beginning 2001-02)

Schools that indicate that they have had major changes in demographics due to changes in attendance areas may request that the component(s) not be included as part of the ABCs growth/gain. This means the component(s) will not be in the ABCs growth/gain for two years for that school.

The superintendent and principals from effected schools determine what is "major." The superintendent must submit a letter to DPI describing these decisions to DPI, stating which components in which schools will be suspended due to major changes in attendance areas and how these decisions were made.

Even if the subject is not included in the ABCs growth/gain due to having less than three years of data, the scores for the current year are included in the performance composite.

  1. No growth/gain component for a school is removed due to small counts of student scores.

  2. Schools must have a minimum of 30 student scores across all ABCs growth/gain components (i.e., end-of-grade, end-of-course, college/university and college tech prep graduation rates, etc).

  3. All schools (other than Alternative/Special Schools) that meet criteria 1-3 above will be eligible to receive special recognition as a Most Improved School in academic growth/gain or School of Excellence.

Rules for Two or More Schools Merged into One School or A School Divided into Two or More Schools

  1. Two or more schools with the same grade levels merged into one school, with no change in attendance area, are required to combine the following data as appropriate for the school's grade configuration:
    • English II
    • College University Prep/College Tech Prep
    • ABCs Dropout Rate

  2. One school divided by grade levels into two or more schools (e.g., a K-8 school divided into a K-5 and 6-8 school), with no change in attendance area, is required to separate the following data as appropriate for the grade configuration of each school:
    • English II
    • College University Prep/College Tech Prep
    • ABCs Dropout Rate

  3. In general, other cases of two or more schools merged into one school or one school divided into two or more schools cannot be accommodated.