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The State Board of Education’s Framework for Change: The Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability provides for the modification and improvement of state assessment and accountability policies and practices. As part of this new direction, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Accountability Services Division/North Carolina Testing Program has released one form of the test for each grade level and subject tested in the 2012–13 school year. These materials and the information contained within must not be used for personal or financial gain. Released test forms will not be used as part of routine test administrations provided by school systems

Released test forms may be used by school systems to help acquaint students with valuable test taking strategies in summative assessment situations. These strategies may include managing time, following directions, understanding reading selections, and thinking through how to select the correct answer. Released test forms may be used by parents and the general public in gaining a greater understanding of how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts and Mathematics and the Essential Standards for Science are measured..

The paper-and-pencil versions are available in a pdf format. These contain the same multiple-choice and gridded response items as the online version, but they do not contain the technology-enhanced items (TE). TE items require students to manipulate the item and can only be completed in an online environment. Therefore, students will see the following text for TE item numbers in the released paper-and-pencil versions: "The paper-and-pencil versions of the assessment cannot display TE items available only online." The paper-and-pencil versions of the actual assessments administered to students at the end of the semester or the school year will contain multiple-choice items that align to the same content standards as the TE items.

The online versions are also available here in pdf format. Please notice that the NCEXTEND2 ELA and NCEXTEND2 Math assessments for grades 3-8 do not have TE items that are presented differently in the two modes. Therefore, they do not have an online released pdf version available. Schools can access the released forms in their online interactive format through the NCTest Secure Web Browser. This Browser is available to school system users only.

An answer key identifying the correct answer and the primary standard each item is aligned to is available for each released online and paper-and-pencil test form.






At this time, the released forms for the North Carolina End-of-Course Test of English II and the North Carolina End-of-Grade Tests of English Language Arts may not include all of the reading selections because the NCDPI is finalizing the copyright requests for these tests. Due to budget constraints and the reluctance of copyright holders to grant printing rights via a Web site, the NCDPI has obtained permissions only for Web viewing of these selections. The download or use of these copyrighted materials is restricted by applicable license agreements obtained by the NCDPI and copyright law (Title 17, United States Code). Permission to use any copyrighted material must be obtained directly from the respective copyright holders. To contact the copyright holder, please see the Acknowledgments for each test form.




2012-13 Released Forms


End-of-Course Released Forms

Paper-and-Pencil Version with Answer Key
Paper-and-Pencil Version without Answer Key
Online Version Screen Shots with Answer Keys
EOC Math I (Title Updated 6/9/14)
(pdf, 2mb)
EOC Math I (Title Updated 6/9/14)
(pdf, 2mb)
EOC Math I
(pdf, 5.4mb)
EOC Biology (pdf, 1.9mb) EOC Biology (pdf, 1.8mb) EOC Biology (pdf, 10mb)

English II (pdf, 2.6mb)

Items and Non-Copyrighted Selections (pdf, 3mb)

English II (pdf, 2.3mb)

English II (pdf, 8mb)


End-of-Grade ELA/Reading and Math Released Forms


Paper-and-Pencil Versions with Answer Keys (Online Versions Not Available in 2012-13)
Paper-and-Pencil Versions without Answer Keys (Non-Printable)
Versions with Test Items and Non-Copyrighted Selections (Printable)

ELA/Reading Grade 3 (pdf, 2.1mb)

ELA/Reading Grade 3 (pdf, 2.1mb)

ELA/Reading Grade 3 (pdf, 1.6mb)

ELA/Reading Grade 4 (pdf, 2.4mb) ELA/Reading Grade 4 (pdf, 2.3mb) ELA/Reading Grade 4 (pdf, 1.6mb)
ELA/Reading Grade 5 (pdf, 2.1mb) ELA/Reading Grade 5 (pdf, 2.1mb) ELA/Reading Grade 5 (pdf, 1.8mb)
ELA/Reading Grade 6 (pdf, 2.4mb) ELA/Reading Grade 6 (pdf, 2.3mb) ELA/Reading Grade 6 (pdf, 1.8mb)
ELA/Reading Grade 7 (pdf, 2.5mb) ELA/Reading Grade 7 (pdf, 2.4mb) ELA/Reading Grade 7 (pdf, 2mb)
ELA/Reading Grade 8 (pdf, 2.2mb) ELA/Reading Grade 8 (pdf, 2.2mb) ELA/Reading Grade 8 (pdf, 2mb)
Mathematics Grade 3 (pdf, 2mb) Mathematics Grade 3 (pdf, 2mb) Not Applicable
Mathematics Grade 4 (pdf, 1.7mb) Mathematics Grade 4 (pdf, 1.7mb) Not Applicable
Mathematics Grade 5 (pdf, 1.7mb) Mathematics Grade 5 (pdf, 1.7mb) Not Applicable
Mathematics Grade 6 (pdf, 2mb) Mathematics Grade 6 (pdf, 1.9mb) Not Applicable
Mathematics Grade 7 (pdf, 1.8mb) Mathematics Grade 7 (pdf, 1.8mb) Not Applicable
Mathematics Grade 8 (pdf, 2.9mb) Mathematics Grade 8 (pdf, 2.8mb) Not Applicable


End-of-Grade Science Released Forms

Click here for more information on the EOG Science tests.


Paper-and-Pencil Version with Answer Key
Paper-and-Pencil Version without Answer Key
Online Version Screen Shots with Answer Keys
Science Grade 5 (pdf, 1.7mb) Science Grade 5 (pdf, 1.7mb) Science Grade 5 (pdf, 6.7mb)
Science Grade 8 (pdf, 2mb) Science Grade 8 (pdf, 1.9mb) Science Grade 8 (pdf, 6.7mb)



NCEXTEND1 Released Forms


Released Form (Includes Items from the Assessor Booklet, Manipulative Cards, and Reading Selections for ELA/Reading Tests)
NCEXTEND1 Algebra Assessment - Grade 10 (pdf, 3.3mb)
NCEXTEND1 Biology Assessment - Grade 10 (pdf, 1.7mb)
NCEXTEND1 Mathematics Assessment - Grades 3-5 (pdf, 954kb)
NCEXTEND1 Mathematics Assessment - Grades 6-8 (pdf, 1mb)
NCEXTEND1 Science Assessment - Grade 5 (pdf, 1mb)
NCEXTEND1 Science Assessment - Grade 8 (pdf, 1mb)
NCEXTEND1 ELA/Reading - Grade 4 (pdf, 3mb)
NCEXTEND1 ELA/Reading - Grade 7 (pdf, 1.8mb)
NCEXTEND1 ELA/reading - Grade 10 (pdf, 1.4mb)





Archive of Released Forms