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This web page is only an archive. The NCEXTEND2 OCS Alternate Writing Assessment at Grade 10 was eliminated effective July 1, 2010.


North Carolina Alternate Assessments in Writing


North Carolina Writing Assessment Prompts
Released writing prompts from the North Carolina Writing Assessment at Grade 10


The North Carolina Writing Assessment at Grade 10 Trainer Manual
Documents on the North Carolina Writing Assessment scoring process

  • Summer 2010: NCEXTEND2 Grade 10 (pdf, 3mb)
  • Summer 2009: NCEXTEND2 Grade 10 (pdf, 19mb)
  • Summer 2008: NCEXTEND2 Grade 10 (pdf, 3mb)
  • Summer 2007: NCEXTEND2 Grade 10 (pdf, 3mb)

North Carolina Writing Assessment Advisory Committees


NCEXTEND2 OCS Writing Assessment at Grade 10


Administration Information

  • Testing Calendar
  • Required Tests for the North Carolina Testing Program
  • Number of Items and Administration Time for Required State Tests


Writing Reports
Student participation and performance reports for the North Carolina Writing Assessments


State Testing Results
Multiple reports providing testing results


Testing Security
North Carolina Testing Code of Ethics, Testing Security Protocol and Procedures for North Carolina School Personnel publication, and the Proctor's Guide


Other Resources


Writing Assessments Archives

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