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A new comprehensive assessment model aligned to the essential standards will be developed. This model will include improved and more authentic summative assessments (end-of-grade and end-of-course tests) and a new focus on assessments that help students learn. Online formative assessment modules will train teachers to diagnose and use data to meet the needs of every student. A benchmarking assessment tool for classroom teachers will be provided to use at key points throughout the year to make sure students are on track. The NCDPI will develop new tests that include open-ended, constructed-response test items to better demonstrate what students know and can do. Tests will be more real-world, less dependent on bubble-sheets, transparent to teachers and the public and increasingly computer-based to take advantage of the efficiencies and cost-savings available in this arena.

For more information about comprehensive assessment, see the following presentation, report, and links:

ACRE Project Symposium Presentation
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ACRE IART Immersive Technology Report July 2009
DPI is exploring the use of serious gaming and simulations for instruction and assessment. The following report discusses some of the possibilities for using these Immersive Technologies in North Carolina.
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A Vision for 21st Century Assessment
This section of the NCDPI website has been developed in an effort to provide North Carolina teachers with a basic understanding of formative assessment and illustrate the role it will play in a comprehensive, balanced assessment system. A comprehensive balanced assessment system includes classroom assessments, interim/benchmark assessments, and statewide assessments that are aligned to state standards. Each component is important and should be valued for what it contributes.

Learn More about Formative Assessment
Presentations, multimedia, learning tools, and various resources to help educate anyone interested in learning more about formative assessment.