North Carolina was a pioneer in school accountability in the mid-1990s when the state's education and political leaders developed the ABCs of Public Education, the current school accountability model. At that time, few states were able to measure student academic growth from year to year and use this information to evaluate school performance. Since then, North Carolina educators and leaders have learned a great deal about what is effective in improving schools and performance. New technologies have changed how student assessments can be completed and allowed for more complex analysis of student assessment data.

With ACRE, North Carolina once again finds itself in a pioneer role. When the ACRE work is in place, North Carolina will have a 21st century model that identifies what students should know and clearly measures whether students are on track for success after high school. It is time for a new generation of K-12 school curricula, student assessment, and school accountability. Educators, parents and lawmakers have pressed for several years to make changes to the curriculum and accountability systems. In 2008, following extensive input from the Blue Ribbon Commission on Testing and Accountability, the State Board of Education crafted the Framework for Change - 27 recommendations to dramatically change the scope of the Standard Course of Study, assessments, and accountability.

The ACRE work involves many educators from across North Carolina - classroom teachers, school administrators, content and curriculum experts from the Department of Public instruction, university and community college faculty and national experts on curriculum design and testing. While ACRE is on a fast-track schedule, this work will take time to unfold and take effect statewide. In order to be reasonable about how much change can be implemented at once, there is a schedule for addressing each subject area and its following assessments. The new accountability model for schools and tracking student growth over time will be the final phase of ACRE work.

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  • Blue Ribbon Commission Report
    Recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Commission on Testing and Accountability to the State Board of Education for re-visioning the State’s test program and accountability system.
    (pdf, 152kb)

  • Framework for Change Overview
    Actions that the State Board of Education directed the Department of Public Instruction to implement in response to the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission.
    (pdf, 3.4mb)

  • NCDPI Response to the Framework for Change
    The response from the Department of Public Instruction on a collaborative revision process that contributes to accomplishing the State Board of Education’s goals and directives as outlined in the Framework for Change.
    (pdf, 373kb)

  • NCDPI Response to the Framework for Change Presentation
    Presentation given to the State Board of Education on the response to the Framework for Change.
    (pdf, 144kb)

  • ACRE Symposium Presentation
    Overview and discussion of the work to develop new standards, assessments, and accountability for North Carolina students and schools.
    (ppt, 0kb)

  • ACRE Timeline for Change
    Calendar for roll out of North Carolina standards and assessments from 2010-13.
    (pdf, 133kb)

  • Occupational Course of Study Detail
    Assessment development and implementation timeline for the Occupational Course of Study from 2010-2013.
    (pdf, 61kb)