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Math | English Language Arts (ELA)


(pdf, 1.1mb)

Transforming Professional Development
(pdf, 1.2mb)

Defining Local Curricul
(pdf, 3.2mb)


Secondary Mathematics Agenda
(pdf, 52kb)

(pdf, 23kb)

Handouts II
(pdf, 17kb)

Handouts III
(pdf, 375kb)

K-5 Mathematics Sample Agenda
(doc, 56kb)

K-5 Mathematics Presentation Notes
(pdf, 1.8mb)

K-5 Mathematics Summer Institute Agenda
(pdf, 231kb)

K-5 Mathematics Summer Institute Handouts
(pdf, 384kb)

K-5 Mathematics Summer Institute Presentation
(pdf, 2.8mb)

6-12 Mathematics Sample Agenda
(doc, 52kb)

6-12 Mathematics Summer Institute Presentation
(pdf, 7.1mb)

6-12 Mathematics Summer Institute Presentation Notes
(pdf, 16.9mb)


English Language Arts Sample Agenda
(doc, 65kb)

ELA Summer Institute Presentation 2011
(pdf, 3.8mb)

ELA Summer Institute Slides 2011 with Notes
(pdf, 1.3mb)

ELA Writing in the Common Core Grade 8
(pdf, 15kb)

ELA Writing in the Common Core Grade 3
(pdf, 13kb)

K-12 ELA Trainer Notes
(pdf, 156kb)

K-12 ELA Then & Now Graphic
(pdf, 26kb)

ELA Then & Now Grade 7
(pdf, 49kb)

ELA Then & Now Grade 4
(pdf, 53kb)

K-12 ELA Reader's Theatre
(pdf, 15kb)

K-12 ELA Primary Document Photo
(pdf, 75kb)

K-12 ELA Looking Deeper
(pdf, 96kb)

K-12 ELA Inventory
(pdf, 61kb)

K-12 ELA Excerpt Letter from a Birmingham Jail
(pdf, 75kb)

K-12 ELA Crosswalk Rubric
(pdf, 32kb)

ELA Crosswalk Activity Kindergarten
(pdf, 78kb)

K-12 ELA Crosswalk Activity Grade 7
(pdf, 72kb)

K-12 ELA Cloze Reading Answers
(pdf, 23kb)

K-12 ELA Cloze Reading
(pdf, 20kb)

ELA Close Reading of a Cluster of Standards Grade 9-10
(pdf, 105kb)

ELA Close Reading of a Cluster of Standards Grade 4
(pdf, 98kb)

K-12 ELA CCSS Appendices
(pdf, 35kb)

K-12 ELA CCR Anchor Standards
(pdf, 30kb)

Puzzle Activity Draft
(pdf, 34kb)

K-12 ELA Professional Development Agenda
(pdf, 175kb)