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English Language Arts

Extended K-2 ELA
(pdf, 415kb)

Extended 3-5 ELA
(pdf, 288kb)

Extended 6-8 ELA
(pdf, 351kb)

Extended High School
(pdf, 398kb)


Extended K-2 Science
(pdf, 609kb)

Extended 3-5 Science
(pdf, 608kb)

Extended 6-8 Science
(pdf, 616kb)

Extended High School Life Science
(pdf, 482kb)

Extended HS Biology A&B
(pdf, 429kb)


Extended Mathematics K-5
(pdf, 946kb)

Extended Mathematics 6-8
(pdf, 907kb)

Extended Mathematics Algebra A & B
(pdf, 741kb)

Extended Essential Standards Financial Management
(pdf, 169kb)

Social Studies

Extended K Social Studies
(pdf, 150kb)

Extended 1st Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 87kb)

Extended 2nd Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 88kb)

Extended 3rd Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 188kb)

Extended 4th Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 138kb)

Extended 5th Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 92kb)

Extended 6th Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 91kb)

Extended 7th Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 190kb)

Extended 8th Grade Social Studies
(pdf, 89kb)

Extended Civics and Governance
(pdf, 24kb)

Extended American History I and II
(pdf, 15kb)