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Adopted Standards
Science | Social Studies | Information and Technology | World Languages | Arts Education | Occupational Course of Study | Healthful Living | Guidance | English as a Second Language


Future Ready Occupational Course of Study

More information on teaching the Occupational Course of Study in 2010-11 can be found at

Information and Technology

World Languages: Classical, Dual & Heritage, and Modern

Arts Education

Social Studies

Social Studies Electives

Healthful Living - Health Education

Healthful Living - Physical Education


English as a Second Language

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful feedback. Standards development is very important work. We need your input to ensure that the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction adopts the most rigorous and relevant standards for the students in the 21st Century.


Dot Notation for Standards
Home Base, the student information and instructional improvement system, provides resources that are aligned to these standards and provides the ability for teachers to conduct standards-based grading, where appropriate. To support these functions, each standard within the North Carolina Standard Course of Study has been associated with a unique dot notation as outlined at .