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The Innovative Education Initiatives Act (SL 2003-277, Senate Bill 656) and the Cooperative Innovative High School Programs statute (§ 115C-238.50-.55) encourage Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to partner with their local postsecondary Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) to provide cooperative programs jointly in high schools and colleges/universities that will expand students’ opportunities for education success through high quality instructional programming.

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GS 115C-238.50-.55 Complete CIHS legislation
(pdf, 109kb)

GS 115C-238.50 Purpose
(pdf, 74kb)

GS 115C-238.50A Definition
(pdf, 104kb)

GS 115C-238.51 Application Process
(pdf, 76kb)

GS 115C-238.51A Approval Process
(pdf, 102kb)

GS 115C-238.52 Participation by other education partners
(pdf, 53kb)

GS 115C-238.53 Operation of cooperative innovative high schools
(pdf, 68kb)

GS 115C-238.54 Funds of cooperative innovative high schools
(pdf, 93kb)

GS 115C-238.55 Evaluation of cooperative innovative high schools
(pdf, 49kb)