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Welcome Students!

Did you know there is a thriving world of American Indians today? We are not just in the past! Our aim is to share accurate, respectful information about American Indians with all students. You will find sites listed below that have information both about Indian tribes in a historical context and also in the context of our world today. Whether you are a Native or non-Native student, we hope you will find these resources helpful.

*Throughout these resources, these collective terms may be used interchangeably to refer to the indigenous populations of the United States: American Indian, Indian, Native American, Native, First Nations, First People, indigenous.

-- North Carolina State Advisory Council on Indian Education of North Carolina

North Carolina’s Eight State-Recognized Tribes

North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs Tribal Listing

First People downloadable brochure

Map of NC Tribal Communities

Contemporary Websites and Publications

American Indian magazine

Indian Country Today Media Network: Indian Country Today is Indian Country’s online news that gives information on top issues in Indian culture today. It is helpful to anyone teaching or learning about First Peoples to be aware of contemporary Indian issues.

Native Peoples magazine

Alphabetical Listing of Online Resources:

Learn NC American Indian Resources:
Learn NC has information on all eight of North Carolina’s American Indian tribes. Their site includes articles and great websites to help you learn about America’s First People.

Learn NC/UNC American Indian Center’s Curriculum Guide,Teaching About North Carolina American Indians:
This site, useful for all grades, includes great contemporary as well as historical information from all eight of North Carolina’s state-recognized tribes.

Native American Facts For Kids:
This site has a wealth of information about American Indians today, different tribes and traditional clothing, homes and food.

North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs:
The NCCIA offers brochures and print outs about North Carolina’s eight state-recognized American Indian tribes as well as links to other resources.

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