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Text Resources for Teaching About and To American Indians


Please use these wonderful resources to guide your reading and classroom instruction. These lists will be helpful to those in charge of text purchases for book rooms and media centers as well as general educators and families.


- North Carolina State Advisory Council on Indian Education

Online Resources:

Criteria From How To Tell the Difference: A Guide for Evaluating Children’s Books for Anti-Indian Bias (adapted from oyate.org):
This helpful document gives tips and thinking points to help you learn to evaluate books for bias and stereotypes.
(pdf, 202kb)

Not Recommended Books About American Indians:
This document lists books that we feel present American Indians in a stereotypical, non-accurate and/or Eurocentric point of view. This listing includes many reviews and also a guide which acts as a starting point for self-education in evaluating books for bias.
(pdf, 420kb)

Recommended Books About American Indians:
This handy resource lists top books that elementary, middle and high schools should have on hand, as well as a longer list of acceptable books about American Indians.
(pdf, 165kb)

Recommended Professional Resources:
Books and websites listed here can help teachers, media specialists and other educators locate books, do fact checking, and gain insight and awareness of issues related to Native culture and Native perspectives.
(pdf, 171kb)

Recommended Resources about Native Americans in Children’s Literature
Resources specific to American Indians in children’s literature.
(pdf, 178kb)

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