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2013-15 Biennial Budget Communications Resources

General Background Charts/Graphs

2015-17 Biennium Budget Resources:

Highlights of the NC Public School Budget
A report that presents charts and tables which describe how state and federal funds are distributed to North Carolina's Public Schools. It also reviews the growth in average daily membership (ADM), the ABC's Financial Flexibility, and the effect of Charter Schools.

  • Funding Changes since FY 2008-09
    (pdf, 100kb)   LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

  • Trends: Growing Student Population, Fewer Dollars
    (pdf, 201kb)   LAST UPDATED: JANUARY 26, 2015

2014-15 Documents

  • NC Public Schools: Staff and Student Population Trends
    (pdf, 59kb)

  • NC Per Pupil Spending Ranking
    (pdf, 39kb)

2013-14 Documents

  • Public School Trends: Growing Student Population Served by Fewer Adults and Growing Student Population, Fewer Dollars (two charts)
    (pdf, 201kb)

  • North Carolina's Averaged Daily Membership 1994-2014
    (pdf, 19kb)

  • State Comparisons of Estimated Dollar Amount Spent Per Student in 2011-12
    (jpg, 726kb)

  • State Comparisons of Average Public School Teacher Salaries in 2011-12
    (jpg, 717kb)

  • Public School Appropriations Percent of the General Fund 1970-2013
    (pdf, 96kb)

  • Teacher Allotment Ratios 2012-13
    (pdf, 15kb)

  • NC Average Teacher Salary vs. National Average 1998-2012
    (pdf, 65kb)

  • NC Ranks Among Bottom Two States in Nation for School Finance
    2013 Quality Counts Report from Education Week (Released January 10, 2013)

2011-13 Biennium Budget Communications Resources