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Hand In Hand Connecting in the Middle" North Carolina Association for Middle Level Education 39th Annual Conference on 16 March 2014
World View Seminars- Latin America and North Carolina Seminar on 25 March 2014
World View Seminars- The Past in the Present: East Asia and Our Contemporary World on 26 March 2014
50th Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference on 22 June 2014
NC Career and Technical Education Summer Conference on 13 July 2014
Financial and Business Services Summer Conference on 24 July 2014
Summer Leadership Conference - Sponsored by Gardner Webb University`s Center for Innovative Leadership Development and the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship on 28 July 2014
2014 North Carolina Charter School Conference on 30 July 2014
Carolina`s Down Syndrome Conference 2014 on 26 September 2014
Elementary School Conference on 19 October 2014
Bridging the Gap: Uniting North Carolina K-16 STEM Education on 28 October 2014
Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement on 30 March 2015
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