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Peaceful Schools: Changing the Way We Think About Bullying and the Way We Deal With It

Event Sponsor: Other Association or Organization

Event Type: Guest Speaker

Primary Category: Character Education

Sub-Category: Safe Schools

Event Dates: 3/8/2014

Brief Description: Dr. Stuart Twemlow, co-founder of Peaceful Schools, will present a morning professional lecture and an afternoon public lecture to discuss how we view bullying in our schools and how we can best put an end to it. Dr. Twemlow will draw on successful experience in two Durham schools and in other Peaceful Schools around the world. CEUs will be available for teachers at both the morning and afternoons sessions.

The morning program is designed for educators and clinicians. Dr. Twemlow will present the history of the Peaceful Schools program including the evidence base documenting its success. The goal of the presentation will be to enhance the professional's understanding of the relationship between the psychological processes of mentalization (basically recognizing that others think and feel much as you do and that they deserve respect, concern and the benefit of the doubt when they are in the wrong) and the observed results in settings where the Peaceful Schools programs have been implemented.

The afternoon program is designed for parents, teachers and other members of the general public to learn more about how to successfully address bullying in the school environment. CEUs are available for the afternoon session as well. Educators and school administrators are encouraged to attend both morning and afternoon sessions.

Location: Chapel Hill Public Library

Address: 100 Library Dr.

City: Chapel Hill




Name: Kerry Waite

E-mail Address:

Phone Number: 919.847.2323

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