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MOOC-Ed (Massive Open Online Course for Educators): World Class Teaching

Event Sponsor: Other Association or Organization

Event Type: Online Workshop

Primary Category: Teachers


Event Dates: 3/10/2014 through 4/21/2014

Brief Description: In an effort to facilitate continued community engagement, the Institute for Emerging Issues has partnered with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and designated a virtual space for a six-week “boot camp” that is open to all who wish to participate – regardless of background or profession. Those who were unable to attend the 29th Annual Emerging Issues Forum - Teachers and the Great Economic Debate - are welcomed to participate as well!

This MOOC will help you:

-Clarify the economic importance of and key influences on developing, retaining and supporting a world-class teaching workforce
-Build a local team to support world-class teaching in your community
-Develop plans unique to your community
-Know where to apply for funds to implement your plan

The WCT MOOC-Ed is divided into two parts, each consisting of three one-week sessions, for a total of six weeks. The two parts cover:

Part I Who Are They? Characteristics and Economic Value of World-Class Teachers: Part I focuses on the importance of building a world-class teaching workforce for our state’s future competitiveness and strategies to recruiting, training, and supporting world-class teachers in every classroom in North Carolina.

Part II: How Do We Get There? Building a World-Class Teaching Workforce: Part II focuses on creating community action plans to develop and support a world-class teaching workforce in North Carolina. The most promising action plans will receive monetary and other forms of implementation support.

The Spring 2014 WCT MOOC-Ed units begin on March 10 and end April 21.

Tips to get the most out of your MOOC experience:

-Participate in teams – gather your co-workers, neighbors, organizations and friends.
-Encourage people from different backgrounds – enrich the experience, begin to build new relationships.
-Discuss what you have learned with others in your community put the lessons to work!

To learn more about this MOOC-Ed and to register, please visit:

Location: Online

Address: Online






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