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Hold These Truths -Reflection on Japanese Internment During World War II - NC Civic Eduation Consortium Workshop

Event Sponsor: Other Association or Organization

Event Type: Seminar/Workshop

Primary Category: Teachers

Sub-Category: Professional Development

Event Dates: 4/25/2014 through 4/26/2014

Brief Description: April 25, 11:30 AM-9:15 PM (includes lunch, dinner& theatre performance of “Hold These Truths”)

April 26, 2014, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (an optional panel discussion will take place from Noon – 1 PM)

North Carolina’s K-12 teachers are invited to join the NC Civic Education Consortium ( for “Hold These Truths: Reflection on Japanese Internment During World War II.”

Over one hundred thousand Japanese men, women, and children—the majority of whom were American citizens—were removed from their homes and relocated to camps under the watchful eye of the government. Teachers will have the opportunity to explore the many complicated issues that arose from this extralegal act by the US government throughout this unique two day event, which will include a mixture of lectures for expanding content knowledge as well as pedagogical exploration addressing ways to convey this period of history to middle and high school students.

Questions to be considered include: What happened to Japanese-American families and communities as a result of the detention? How would Japanese-American men react to the military draft? What did internment and exclusion mean for mixed-race couples?

In addition, teachers will receive free admittance PlayMakers Repertory Company’s PRC2 production of Jeanne Sakata’s critically acclaimed play, Hold These Truths, inspired by the life of Gordon Hirabayashi.

During World War II, student Gordon Hirabayashi fought the US government’s orders to forcibly incarcerate people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast. Struggling to reconcile his country’s betrayal with his passionate belief in the Constitution, the play addresses his journey toward greater understanding of America’s triumphs – and confrontation with its failures.

•1.2 Renewal Credits
•Access to historical experts
•Lesson plans and pedagogical training from the NC Civic Education Consortium

While lesson plans will be written with the social studies classroom in mind, language arts teachers are also welcome to attend, with the understanding that materials may need modification for use in the LA classroom.

•Admittance into Hold These Truths at Kenan Theatre, UNC-Chapel Hill
•Lunch & dinner on Friday
•Single occupancy hotel accommodations Friday night for participants residing more than 90 round-trip miles from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Location: Chapel Hill Public Library


City: Chapel Hill




Name: Paul Bonnici

E-mail Address:

Phone Number: 919.962.1544

Web Site:

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