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The purpose of this online calendar is to provide equitable access to job opportunities in North Carolina schools and professional growth opportunities related to either the North Carolina Standard Course of Study or the State Board's Strategic Priorities.

Target Audience

Educators (including teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and support personnel) whether in traditional or charter schools or currently unemployed.


For your item to be considered for this calendar, it must:

*Remember: Job Fairs are part of the Strategic Priority 3 "Quality Teachers, Administrators, and Staff"

For-profit events and performance-related events are not included in this listing.

Submitting Information

  • You must fill out all fields marked with an asterisk.
  • Your item will not make the Calendar without the acceptable minimum of information. You will not be contacted to make up any omissions.
  • You must provide a contact name or e-mail address.
  • Items are edited and posted Wednesday of each week.
  • You do not have to choose any secondary categories. The secondary allows more accurate listings of cross-category events.

Thank you for your help in making the Calendar and indispensable resource for all members of the North Carolina education community.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about the rules.