A local high school is among the first in the nation to have an iPhone application. Highland School of Technology's iPhone app allows students to check their homework assignments, view scholarships or submit a photo to the yearbook.Parents can see how to volunteer or learn more about the arent Teacher Student Organization.Teachers can email their colleagues or check out the sports schedule.Just a handful of other high schools have iPhone applications. Highland is the first high school in North Carolina to have a comprehensive app and the first in the region, said Frazier Smith, a Highland graduate who helped create the application. Apex High in Durham has a mobile app for its sports teams, but nothing for the school itself.The idea for creating a Highland iPhone app started when Smith visited the school and showed a teacher the app he'd made for Wingate University in the fall. It became the senior project for Esther Chun. She worked as an intern for Smith gathering the information needed to design and create the app."I was a little overwhelmed at first," Chun said. "Obviously, the opportunity to develop the app was a chance of a lifetime."