According to data presented as a part of the final North Carolina ABC's school accountability report, the percentage of end-of-grade and end-of-course test scores at or above the proficient level in Halifax County Schools has improved by an average of nearly 10 percentage points since 2008-09.The district's high school graduation rates also have improved by an average of 20.7 percentage points over the past four years. The report was approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education at a meeting in Raleigh recently. In May 2009, Wake County Superior Court Judge Howard Manning approved a consent order between the Halifax County Board of Education, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and the State Board of Education to implement an intervention plan for teachers, administrators and elected officials to raise academic achievement and ensure all students in the Halifax County Schools receive a Leandro-compliant "sound basic education."The NCDPI has since provided teacher and administrator coaches, training and other support to help the district improve student achievement. Among all schools in the district, the two high schools saw the largest improvement in test scores over the past four years. The percentage of end-of-course test scores at the proficient level or above at Northwest Halifax High School jumped 23.9 percent since 2008-09 from 36.1 to 60 percent, while the percentage of proficient scores at Southeast Halifax High School grew 40.5 points from 28.4 to 68.9 percent.


Lake Gaston Gazette