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This December brought an early gift for Red Springs Middle and Fairgrove Middle schools in the Public Schools of Robeson County as both schools were honored for their achievements as Race to the Top Schools. In two years the schools have improved their student performance by more than 10 percent. The federal government is recognizing this achievement because the plans utilized by both school are being looked at as models for other districts. The two schools were chosen along with nine of the 118 Race to the Top schools around the state for showing significant progress. This month Red Springs and Fairgrove Middle hosted educators from around the state to see how they are making the grade. The Race to the Top schools are also known as Turning Around Lowest Achieving. There are 118 schools that are in the Turning Around Lowest Achieving Schools process with Race to the Top. In 2010, North Carolina earned one of 12 Race to the Top grants awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. In part, these funds are available to stimulate and strengthen states' efforts to turn around their lowest achieving schools. North Carolina wrote the state plan and in turn gave each individual school district money. The Public Schools of Robeson County received almost $8 million, which must be spent by 2014.Each individual district had to write a plan on how the money would used. The Public Schools of Robeson County plan has four pillars for Race to the Top: professional development, technology, standards and assessments and turning around the lowest performing schools.


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