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An engaging online math program is creating enthusiastic and friendly competition among students and schools within the Davidson County school system.

The system has been taking part in a math skills portal called First in Math. The kindergarten through eighth-grade program provides games over the Internet that gives students the opportunity to accrue stickers as scores. The website is in Teachers and Administrators Partnering for Mathematics Learning led to the system receiving a grant from the Department of Education through the N.C. Department of Public Instruction to fund the subscription for a year. "Kids in the county fell in love with it. They are doing well," said Sonja Parks, director of elementary education, Title 1 and academically intellectually gifted for the system. "It's amazing. The kids are excited and very competitive." Parks said the program motivates students not only to excel but to take ownership of their own learning process because they play the program at their own leisure. Some of the students participate in the program during the school day with their class. A majority of the students engage when they are outside of the school environment. Parks noted it touches on a variety of math concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, division, money, time, size and typically math that's presented in the classroom. "It really makes them strong mathematicians. It helps the kids understand the basic facts," Parks said.


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