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Some 25 high school students received a bit of early career advice from the staff at Scotland County's Division of Workforce Solutions this week.A class of Scotland High School career management students taught by Donna Faulk visited the office on Thursday to general advice to pursue as much education as possible while being mindful of what industries are hiring."We have so many people that do not have the adequate skills and education, and that's why they remain unemployed," said Arlene Thorn, reemployment program specialist. "So when you're looking for work, we want you to go into the health care industry, education, security, food service. Those are where we tend to find the bulk of the jobs."The class itself is designed to help students devise a plan for the remainder of their education and formulate a career path."The goal is for them, by the time they finish the class, to be prepared and thinking about researching colleges or careers that they're interested in," said Faulk. "It's a very good class if they take advantage of it."Veterans' representative Ben Thomas, himself an Army retiree introduced the idea of the military as a long-term career, with hundreds of potential occupations from which to choose.

One of the class' seniors has already committed to military enlistment after graduation, with two other seniors accepted to King's College in Charlotte with the intention of pursuing medical careers.


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