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Tired of selling cookies, calendars and other items to relatives as part of his child's school fundraising efforts, Rodney Robinson sat down with parents at Mountain Community School in Hendersonville and came up with something totally out of the box.What emerged was "The Gnarliest Kids Adventure Race Ever." Unbeknownst at the time was that this idea would jump-start a healthy revolution within the walls of the public charter school.The race, which debuted last year, is becoming a staple at the school and is already its biggest fundraiser. The second race will take place at 1 p.m. on May 5, and students have been thinking about it since last year's event ended. Two-children teams of kids ages 5-14 tackle a race that includes nine outdoor sports such as mountain biking, running, canoeing, hiking, a ropes course, climbing wall and a grand finale obstacle. "It was a good way to introduce activities we have around here to kids," said Principal Denise Pesce.