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The Jobskills Academy located in Columbus was established as a nonprofit vocational school in late 2012.After purchasing the facility and beginning the 501(c3) process, a commercial kitchen was built and licensed by the department of health. The mission of Jobskills Academy is to facilitate the establishment of small business and minimize barriers to allow small businesses an opportunity to become successful. The founder, George Baston, received his doctorate degree in Career and Technical Education from Clemson University. The vision was to offer an innovative approach to career and technical education to measure success by earning a living wage and demonstrating competencies in the real world versus test scores. The evolution of Industrial Education to Vocational Education and now Career and Technical Education has drastically changed how educational services are delivered.During the past 20 years public education has greatly expanded its focus of technology. This expansion of technology began with the replacement of traditional classes like culinary arts, woodshop and welding with keyboard skills.Today network administration, graphic design, CAD and website development are recognized as a certifications that demonstrate competencies. While our educational institutions have focused on theory and relied more on industry recognized certifications, a critical component of actually "doing" has become less a part of the formal educational process.