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Southern Nash High School senior Blake Stoddard has made his mark on Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools. He built an online registration portal that Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools will use to register high school students for their classes, streamlining the district’s high school registration process.

Stoddard was recognized by the school board for his work in February, and over the next several weeks, the benefits of his labor will become more evident. Stoddard decided to create a website for the high school course catalogue to make it more user-friendly.

Throughout his high school career, he experienced frustration with the course catalogue in PDF format. He saw a need and took it upon himself to see what he could to do help others.

“I had always struggled with using the course catalog and trying to pick/register for my courses for the following year,” Stoddard said. “I figured I would draw up a prototype and show it to my counselor to see her thoughts. She was thrilled with it and forwarded it to Ms. May at Central Office.”

Robin May, assistant superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction was contacted by the school counselor to look at the design. May was very impressed with his work and the ease of using the website.