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It’s a typical scene for an afterschool program. Students sit with books in hand or sprawl on the floor with their eyes focused on a page. Others cluster at tables with their friends, chatting as they finish homework. They also learn about building character and healthy living. They learn math while playing freeze tag.

Officials with the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs of Greensboro say the common activities the children do each day are yielding remarkable results. More club members are performing at grade level or better in reading, math and science when compared to the rest of the state, Guilford County Schools or even their assigned schools.

Club officials get information on the children’s proficiency from their report cards. They compare those numbers to proficiency rates reported in the state’s annual school report cards. For example, all of the club members who attend Kiser Middle School were proficient in reading, but that was true for only 44 percent of the school as a whole. Although the performance gaps weren’t as pronounced, club members still beat the average reading proficiency rates for the state, the district and Cone, Peck and Jones elementary schools. That academic success is happening with students attending high-needs schools


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