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Katharine Frazier, a senior at Isaac Bear Early College High School, chose her senior project topic before proposals were due. Frazier, passionate about shorebird conservation, decided to apply the knowledge she gained volunteering with Audubon North Carolina to her research project in order to inform the community about the importance of declining species populations.

Since 2011, Frazier has been an active volunteer. She serves as a steward for Audubon North Carolina, doing public outreach on the beach. “People would hang out in nesting colonies, have scopes and binoculars,” she said. “We would make sure nobody trespasses and we would approach (them) to further their knowledge.”

Her awareness and the skills learned while stewarding have been transferred to her senior project. The main focus of Frazier's research is the importance of protecting Wrightsville Beach's local shorebirds. She examined the causes of habitat loss for the species in the area. Many of the problems stem from human disturbances, partly due to the increasing human population in the Wilmington area. Her goal is to inform as many people as possible and make an impact in the community.