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2019 Application Submissions and Press Release
(xlsx, 13kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 2, 2018

Applications Progress Chart
(pdf, 223kb)  LAST UPDATED: APRIL 9, 2019


Achievement Charter Academy
(pdf, 296kb)
Appendices (pdf, 42.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 406kb)
Hobgood Academy Charter
(pdf, 314kb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 396kb)
Piedmont Career Academy
(pdf, 350kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.6mb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 112kb)
Rubric (pdf, 451kb)
Achieving Excellence Academy of Charlotte
(pdf, 348kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.8mb)
Rubric (pdf, 462kb)
Huntersville Charter High School
(pdf, 275kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.3mb)
Pocosin Innovative Charter
(pdf, 358kb)
Appendices (pdf, 36.0mb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 300kb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 458kb)
Alamance Community School
(pdf, 364kb)
Appendices (pdf, 19.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 455kb)
Jordan Lake Academy
(pdf, 345kb)
Appendices (pdf, 17.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 446kb)
Power Elite Preparatory Academy
(pdf, 297kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 446kb)
Alpha Academy of Laurinburg
(pdf, 283kb)
Appendices (pdf, 17.3mb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 1.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 413kb)
Kingdom Performing Arts Academy
(pdf, 255kb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 834kb)
Rubric (pdf, 380kb)
Revolution Academy
(pdf, 283kb)
Appendices (pdf, 13.0mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 370kb)
Bermuda Run STEM Academy
(pdf, 367kb)
Appendices (pdf, 17.8mb)
Rubric (pdf, 438kb)
Leadership Academy of Wayne
(pdf, 333kb)
Appendices (pdf, 15.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 431kb)
Rise Academy
(pdf, 308kb)
Rubric (pdf, 474kb)
Carolina Experimental School
(pdf, 329kb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 430kb)
Lighthouse Charter Academy
(pdf, 310kb)
Appendices (pdf, 21.7mb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 468kb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 476kb)
Robert J Brown Leadership Academy
(pdf, 265kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.0mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 396kb)
CE Academy
(pdf, 331kb)
Appendices (pdf, 9.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 436kb)
MINA Charter Lee County
(pdf, 309kb)
Appendices (pdf, 35.8mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 463kb)
TeamCFA Community Public Charter
(pdf, 339kb)
Appendices (pdf, 48.2mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 451kb)
Clara Science Academy Charter School
(pdf, 346kb)
Appendices (pdf, 75.6mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 452kb)
North Davidson Academy
(pdf, 320kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 475kb)
TeamCFA Pender
(pdf, 325kb)
Appendices (pdf, 46.0mb)
Rubric (pdf, 408kb)
Doral Academy North Carolina
(pdf, 395kb)
Appendices (pdf, 79.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 478kb)
North Raleigh Charter
(pdf, 404kb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 493kb)
Triumph Charter Academy
(pdf, 342kb)
Appendices (pdf, 24.1mb)
Rubric (pdf, 434kb)
Elaine Riddick Charter School
(pdf, 302kb)
Appendices (pdf, 16.5mb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 57kb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 466kb)
(pdf, 349kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 482kb)
Wake Preparatory Academy
(pdf, 362kb)
Appendices (pdf, 53.0mb)
Rubric (pdf, 463kb)
Due Diligence (pdf, 271kb)
First Impressions Academy
(pdf, 193kb)
Appendices (pdf, 11.6mb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 834kb)
Rubric (pdf, 306kb)
Omega School of Arts Academy
(pdf, 252kb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 1.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 388kb)
Wendell Falls Charter
(pdf, 403kb)
Appendices (pdf, 14.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 493kb)
Griffin Leadership Academy
(pdf, 339kb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.8mb)
LEA Impact
Statement (pdf, 468kb)
Rubric (pdf, 425kb)
Wilmington School of the Arts
(pdf, 318kb)
Appendices (pdf, 40.5mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 401kb)