The Combined Text of House Bill 955 ratified on June 21, 1996 and subsequent charter school amendments.


In the last legislative session, the Charter School Law was renumbered. The links to the statute will be restored when the codification process is complete. Until that time, the full text of the charter school statute is contained within the PDF that follows this statement.
(pdf, 152kb)   POSTED 1/27/15


§ 115C-238.29A. Purpose.

§ 115C-238.29B. Eligible applicants; contents of applications; submission of applications for approval.

§ 115C-238.29C. Preliminary approval of applications for charter schools.

§ 115C-238.29D. Final approval of applications for charter schools.

§ 115C-238.29E. Charter school operation.

§ 115C-238.29F. General requirements.

§ 115C-238.29G. Causes for nonrenewal or termination; disputes.

§ 115C-238.29H. State and local funds for a charter school.

§ 115C-238.29I. Notice of the charter school process; review of charter schools; Charter School Advisory Committee.

§ 115C-238.29J. Public and private assistance to charter schools.

§ 115C-238.29K. Criminal history checks.