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One of the stated desires during the inception of the School Connectivity Initiative was to have an online technology forum for the education community. MCNC, under the direction of NCDPI, has created such a forum. Piloted and tested by several members of various LEAs, the forums are designed to 1) introduce relevant technology information and enable moderated, interactive discussion of technology topics of interest in education, 2) enable and support a safe learning community of trusted professionals that would facilitate a culture of inquiry and knowledge exchange among valued members of the community, and 3) create an environment that encourages community members to vet issues, research information, and build consensus in an effort to utilize technology resources in the most effective and efficient manner for the success of students and districts across the state.

The forums were made available to the education community the week of February 22, 2010, and are located at In order to protect the privacy of the MCNC community, and minimize email harvesting by spambots, users must be logged into the MCNC website to fully take advantage of the forums. MCNC is in the process of Shibbolizing its online applications. Until this capability is available, a separate login is required to interact in the forums and the Edspace portal. We will notify you when the single sign-on capability becomes available.

Online user documentation is available on the MCNC website in our Knowledgebase section at ( The training manual will help you learn more about the custom features and functionality of the forums. It is available for view as web pages and as a pdf for printing.

Many of the messages and information you are accustomed to receiving via email from DPI Technology Services will now be posted within the forums. To help facilitate this change in practice, the DPI Technology Services team will notify you via email that new information has been posted. DPI will continue to direct you to the forums until our community has grown accustomed to checking the forums on a regular basis for pertinent and new information.

Forum containers (categories) include General, E-Rate, Community, NCDPI Applications and Enterprise Networking. Each container has multiple forums. For example, a forum in the General container titled "Forum Suggestions" has been created for you to post comments and recommendations. We urge you to share feedback with us in our desire to continually improve this new platform.

We hope the forums prove useful and encourage each of you to create a login and join a discussion. As well if you have additional personnel within your districts that you wish to have access to the forums please have them request a login. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank You,
Connectivity Services