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CTE Essential Standards
The CTE Essential Standards document provides program area and course descriptions, links to essential standards by course, and other curriculum information.
(pdf, 1.9mb)

CTE Planning Guide
The CTE Planning Guide provides supplementary information that will be useful to CTE administrators as they plan for implementation of CTE Essential Standards.
(pdf, 909kb)

Status of Curriculum Materials
For information on available assessments and release dates of curriculum materials, contact  your program area consultant.
2018-19 CTE Status of Curriculum, Credentials, and Assessment
(xlsx, 88kb)


Career Clusters identify pathways from secondary school to two- and four-year colleges, graduate school, and the workplace, so students can link what they learn in school and what they can do in the future. Career Clusters allow students to access a nationwide framework to help them better analyze their long- and short-term career goals, plan what to take in high school to begin to move toward those goals, and implement strategies for further education and work experience that will prepare them for high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers in the 21st Century.

The States' Career Clusters Framework for Lifelong Learning updates the Career Pathways used previously in North Carolina and provides links to related academic instruction and electives. The States' Career Clusters initiative further developed pathways to provide a national structure for this effort. The Career Clusters initiative includes 16 clusters and 79 related pathways.

North Carolina Career Clusters Guide
A North Carolina guide for educational and career planning using the Career Clusters.
(pdf, 3.3mb)

North Carolina Career Outlook Handbook 2009
Labor-Market information for all careers in North Carolina
(pdf, 1.7mb)

Career Pathways: A Focus on Biotechnology
A students' guide to biotechnology careers in North Carolina.
(pdf, 3.2mb)


For students entering ninth grade prior to Fall 2009

Building Career Pathways (Educator's Edition)
A guide for North Carolina administrators, principals, and teachers