All Career and Technical Education classrooms require equipment and technical items in order to carry out the instructional program. The standards in this guide have been prepared to assist local educational agencies in:

  1. Assessing the adequacy of their Career and Technical Education equipment, tools, and technical items,
  2. Identifying and planning for purchases to meet the minimum requirements, and
  3. Determining the feasibility of offering new Career and Technical Education courses.

This guide identifies the equipment, tools, curriculum, software, training, subscriptions, supplemental matterials, and licensure needs that are necessary to teach each Career and Technical Education course. If the number of items in this guide is based on student enrollment, adjustments must be made to these recommendations based on actual enrollment.

Article 10 of the Public School Laws, Vocational and Technical Education Programs 115C-154(9) and 115C-154.2 specifies that the State Board of Education shall establish appropriate minimum standards for Career and Technical Education programs, services, and activities. The purpose is to ensure that all programs conducted by local school administrative units be of high quality, relevant to student needs, and coordinated with employment opportunities. This guide has been developed to help meet this requirement.


  1. Agricultural Education
    (xlsx, 162kb)

  2. Business, Finance and Information Technology Education
    (xlsx, 148kb)

  3. Career and Development
    (xlsx, 22kb)

  4. Family and Consumer Sciences
    (xlsx, 1.2mb)

  5. Health Science Education
    (xlsx, 72kb)

  6. Marketing and Entrepreneurship Education
    (xlsx, 151kb)

  7. Trade and Instruction Education
    (xlsx, 527kb)

  8. Technology Engineering and Design
    (xlsx, 153kb)


Categories that are included in this guide:

  • equipment - is a non-expendable, tangible item. It is usually more feasible to repair it rather than replace it with an entirely new unit. It has a unit cost of over $100.
  • tool - is an expendable, tangible item. It is usually more feasible to replace it with an entirely new unit rather than repair it. It has a unit cost of less than $100.
  • curriculum - is additional curriculum materials.
  • software - is computer software that is required or can enhance the instruction.
  • training - is coursework or other professional development for the teacher.
  • subscription - is for curriculum or supplemental material for a specified period of time.
  • supplemental - is instructional resources that provide more information about or extend the content of a subject.
  • licensure/certification - is examinations, license, and certification fees for the students.
  • other - is additional instructional resources.

Consumable materials are not included in this guide.


The items included in this guide represents those items needed to meet minimum standards for specific courses. Please refer to the Fiscal and Policy Guide: A Guide for Administering Career and Technical Education for further clarification about eligibility and other guidelines regarding equipment purchases, disposition, rental, and leasing.


For further information or clarification about any program area listing, please contact the Career and Technical Education program area consultants.


This CTE Equipment and Technical Guide was last updated on September 2, 2015.