The comprehensive Health Science Education program seeks to meet present and predicted needs for health care workers within a health care delivery system that is characterized by diversity and changing technologies. It is a program that recruits qualified and motivated students and prepares them for pursuit of appropriate health careers. Curriculum concepts incorporate technological advances related to the health care delivery system, including ethics, professionalism, prevention (wellness), patient/client diagnosis, treatment, care, and rehabilitation as a result of disease/disorders.

Individual Health Science Education courses are described in the Career and Technical Education Essential Standards (pdf, 0kb). Facilities that support these courses are described in the NC Public Schools Facilities Guidelines.

Equipment and technical needs for the following Health Science Education facilities are included in this guide:

  • Health Occupations

NOTE: This guide does not list supplies and materials that might be purchased on an annual basis. This guide serves as a guideline for planning new programs as well as providing for existing programs. It is critical that facilities be properly equipped to ensure that students can achieve the required essential standards and objectives/indicators for each course.

Additional information about equipment and technical needs for Health Science Education courses can be secured from the Career and Technical Education Division of Instructional Services in the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.


Select the name of the course in the following table to see a list of equipment and technical needs for that course.

HB10 7200 Biomedical Technology Health Occupations pdf, 49kb
HB05 7205 Exploring Biotechnology in Health Science Middle School pdf, 47kb
HU10 7210 Health Team Relations Health Occupations pdf, 54kb
7211 Allied Health Sciences I Health Occupations pdf, 53kb
7212 Allied Health Sciences II Health Occupations pdf, 68kb
7221 Medical Sciences I Health Occupations pdf, 54kb
7222 Medical Sciences II Health Occupations pdf, 67kb
HH32 7232 Pharmacy Technician pdf, 45kb
HU40 7240 Health Science I Comprehensive High School pdf, 53kb
HU42 7242 Health Science II Comprehensive High School pdf, 56kb
HN43 7243 Nursing Fundamentals pdf, 77kb
HN45 7245 Public Health Fundamentals pdf, 53kb
HP70 7270 PLTW Principles of Biomedical Sciences Pre-Engineering pdf, 48kb
HP71 7271 PLTW Human Body Systems Pre-Engineering pdf, 48kb
HP72 7272 PLTW Medical Interventions Pre-Engineering pdf, 48kb
HP73 7273 PLTW Biomedical Innovations Pre-Engineering pdf, 48kb
SC95 7299 Health Sciences Advanced Studies Health Occupations pdf, 47kb
IP21 7993 Emergency Medical Technology I pdf, 47kb
CS95 8595 CTE Advanced Studies Comprehensive High School pdf, 46kb
IP21 7993 Emergency Medical Technology I pdf, 47kb
IP22 7993 Emergency Medical Technology II pdf, 47kb
IP12 7993 Public Safety II pdf, 48kb