Trade and Industrial Education is a secondary program to prepare students for careers in industry and the trade occupations through a sequence of learning experiences. Instructional units are provided in the use of layout, designing, producing, processing, assembling, testing, maintaining, and servicing of industrial, commercial, and residential goods and products, as well as public services.

Individual Trade and Industrial Education courses are described in the Career and Technical Education Essential Standards (pdf, 0kb). Facilities that support these courses are described in the NC Public Schools Facilities Guidelines.

Equipment and technical needs for the following Trade and Industrial Education facilities are included in this guide:

  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Collision Repair Technology
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Digital Media
  • Drafting
  • Electrical Trades
  • Electronics
  • Masonry
  • Metals Manufacturing Technology
  • Network Engineering Technology
  • Printing Graphics
  • Welding Technology

NOTE: This guide does not list supplies and materials that might be purchased on an annual basis. This guide serves as a guideline for planning new programs as well as providing for existing programs. It is critical that facilities be properly equipped to ensure that students can achieve the required essential standards and objectives/indicators for each course.

Additional information about equipment and technical needs for Trade and Industrial Education courses can be secured from the Career and Technical Education Division of Instructional Services in the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.


Select the name of the course in the following table to see a list of equipment and technical needs for that course.

IT11 7511 Automotive ServiceAutomotive Service Technology I) Automotive Service Technology pdf, 124kb
IT12 7512 Automotive BrakesAutomotive Service Technology II) Automotive Service Technology pdf, 144kb
IT13 7513 Automotive Computer System DiagnosticsAutomotive Service Technology III) Automotive Service Technology pdf, 145kb
IT14 7514 Automotive Electrical Automotive Service Technology pdf, 47kb
IT15 7515 Automotive Electrical Advanced Automotive Service Technology pdf, 47kb
IM21 7621 Cabinetmaking I Cabinetmaking pdf, 113kb
IM22 7622 Cabinetmaking II Cabinetmaking pdf, 113kb
IM23 7623 Cabinetmaking III Cabinetmaking pdf, 113kb
IM31 7631 Electronics I Electronics pdf, 61kb
IM32 7632 Electronics II Electronics pdf, 61kb
IM33 7633C Electronics IIIcomputer-assisted lab) Electronics pdf, 62kb
IM33 7633T Electronics IIItraditional lab) Electronics pdf, 62kb
IM41 7641 Metals Manufacturing Technology I Metals Manufacturing Technology pdf, 104kb
IM42 7642 Metals Manufacturing Technology II Metals Manufacturing Technology pdf, 104kb
IM61 7661 Welding Technology I Welding Technology pdf, 95kb
IM62 7662 Welding Technology II Welding Technology pdf, 96kb
IM63 7663 Welding Technology III Welding Technology pdf, 96kb
IC00 7700 Core and Sustainable Construction pdf, 46kb
IC11 7711 Masonry I Masonry pdf, 82kb
IC12 7712 Masonry II Masonry pdf, 82kb
IC13 7713 Masonry III Masonry pdf, 82kb
IC21 7721 Carpentry I Construction Technology pdf, 125kb
IC22 7722 Carpentry II Construction Technology pdf, 125kb
IC23 7723 Carpentry III Construction Technology pdf, 125kb
IC41 7741 Electrical Trades I Electrical Trades pdf, 91kb
IC42 7742 Electrical Trades II Electrical Trades pdf, 91kb
IC43 7743 Electrical Trades III Electrical Trades pdf, 91kb
IP11 7834 Public Safety I Public Safety pdf, 47kb
IP31 7835 Fire Fighter Technology I Public Safety pdf, 48kb
IP32 7836 Fire Fighter Technology II Public Safety pdf, 48kb
IP33 7837 Fire Fighter Technology III Public Safety pdf, 48kb
IA11 7915 Introduction to Graphic Communications Printing Graphics pdf, 65kb
IA12 7916 Digital File Preparation Printing Graphics pdf, 47kb
IA13 7918 Print Advertising and Design Printing Graphics pdf, 53kb
IC61 7921 Drafting I Drafting pdf, 65kb
IA31 7935 Digital Media Digital Media pdf, 50kb
IA32 7936 Advanced Digital Media Digital Media pdf, 50kb
II32 7937 Adobe Digital Design pdf, 48kb
II31 7938 Adobe Visual Design pdf, 48kb
II33 ?2 Adobe Video Design pdf, 48kb
IC62 7962 Drafting II - Architectural Drafting pdf, 65kb
IC63 7963 Drafting III - Architectural Drafting pdf, 65kb
IV22 7972 Drafting II - Engineering Drafting pdf, 65kb
IV23 7973 Drafting III - Engineering Drafting pdf, 65kb
II11 7980 Network Engineering Technology I Network Engineering Technology pdf, 55kb
II12 7981 Network Engineering Technology II Network Engineering Technology pdf, 55kb
II13 7982 Network Engineering Technology III Network Engineering pdf, 55kb
II21 7991 Computer Engineering Technology I Computer Engineering Technology pdf, 59kb
II22 7992 Computer Engineering Technology II Computer Engineering Technology pdf, 59kb
IP22 7993 Emergency Medical Technology II pdf, 47kb
IP12 7993 Public Safety II pdf, 48kb
CS11 8510 Project Management I Comprehensive High School pdf, 45kb
CS12 8511 Project Management II - Global Comprehensive High School pdf, 47kb
CS13 8512 Project Management II - Technology Comprehensive High School pdf, 47kb
CS14 8513 Project Management III Comprehensive High School pdf, 48kb
CS95 8595 CTE Advanced Studies Comprehensive High School pdf, 46kb