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Develops instructional plans

Follows plans and time-tables for the instructional program.

Determines program objectives

Identifies instructional objectives and content.

Correlates instructional content with training and student career objectives.

Expands related instruction to meet changing technology.

Evaluates student performance and progress.

Utilizes activities appropriate for the objectives, content, and students.

Maintains resources files.

Directs learning process.

Obtains assistance from others.

Evaluates the results of his/her teaching.
Selects appropriate training agencies.

Prepares a training agreement/plan for each student.

Coordinates classroom activities with on-the-job training.

Evaluates student progress on the job with employer.

Makes on-the-job coordination and home visits and keeps records of them.

Provides for on-the-job participation experience for students.

Gives needed information and training to training sponsors.

Makes sure safety provisions are followed at training stations.

Evaluates training stations.
Explains cooperative education program to students, parents, and school officials.

Selects students for the cooperative education program and keeps records of each one

Places students in appropriate training stations.

Counsels with students.

Acts as a training consultant to business and industry.

Follows up on student progress.

Works cooperatively with school guidance counselors.

Assists students in making adjustments.

Provides placement for graduates.

Maintains student records.
Explains program to business, labor, civic, and school groups.

Participates in local community functions.

Plans and prepares publicity.

Takes part in extracurricular activities and other school duties.

Keeps in direct contact with school principal, superintendent, parents, business, industry, labor, and community.

Arranges and directs special events related to the program.

Develops promotional materials regarding the program.

Plans and conducts special events.
Places a well-rounded program of work.

Arranges for adequate classroom facilities.

Makes a community survey.

Organizes and supervises student organization.

Works with advisory committee.

Prepares necessary reports and budgets.

Conducts practical research.

Supervises student teachers.

Evaluates cooperative education programs.



Shared from the North Carolina Marketing Education Teacher Handbook.

Business/Industry Field Trip
Cooperative Education
Entrepreneurial Experiences
Job Shadowing
School-Based Enterprise
Service Learning