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File management is essential to document everything that occurs in work-based learning.


What do I do and why?

  • Set up one file per student
  • Put all cooperative education files together
  • Maintain secure place for forms, confidential records, and other documentation
  • Meet state requirement of keeping files for five years

What should go in the files?

  • Monthly wage & hour forms
  • Past evaluations
  • Training agreement
  • Information or documents from training station


What do I do and why?

  • Use dividers to create one section per student
  • Place completed student contact record in each student's section
  • All training station and student information will be at your fingertips

What should go in the notebook?

  • Contact record
  • Training agreement (optional)
  • Coordination record (if required)
  • Copy of mileage form (optional)
  • Grading period 1 Connecting Activity #1 - Orientation to the Workplace (optional)
  • Blank evaluation sheets
  • Self-addressed envelopes and a few stamps
  • Extra business cards

NOTE: Many coordinators will use both a notebook and file folders. You can have information you need at a glance with the notebook while maintaining a secure place for confidential documents in file folders.


  • Wage and Hour Record
    (doc, 58kb)
  • Summer Wage and Hour Report
    (doc, 27kb)
  • Cumulative Wage and Hour Record
    (doc, 28kb)
  • Cooperative Education Training Agreement
    (doc, 34kb)
  • Parental Permission Agreement - Shared by the Job Ready Work Based Learning Guide
    (doc, 34kb)
  • Work-Based Learning Agreement - Shared by McHenry County, South Carolina
    (doc, 43kb)
  • Parent/Guardian Work-Based Learning Sample Permission Form - Shared from the South Carolina Department of Education
    (doc, 35kb)
  • Sample Training Agreement/Training Plan - Shared from the Nebraska Department of Education.
    (doc, 40kb)
  • Apprenticeship Training Agreement - Shared from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.
    (pdf, 440kb)
  • Contact Record
    (doc, 38kb)
  • Employer and Student Information Sheet
    (doc, 37kb)
  • Sample Form For Insurance And Emergency Information - Shared from the South Carolina Department of Education.
    (doc, 49kb)
  • Coordination Record
    (doc, 39kb)