The Teacher Handbook for Dance Education is available through NCDPI Publications and online in PDF and HTML formats. The handbook will be regularly revised and updated as new sections are developed.

The PDF (print-friendly) and HTML versions of the Teacher Handbook, which include a bank of lesson plans and assessment items that were developed by arts education teachers in NC, may be accessed online at: (click on "Curriculum," then "Arts Education," then "Resources.") The HTML version of the Teacher Handbook allows viewers to link to various sections of interest within the document.

Those interested in contributing a lesson plan, assessment item, or other material to the Teacher Handbook should visit: (click on "dance education," click on "news and happenings," click on "help us create the NEW Teacher Handbook)," to read more about this opportunity and to access templates for lesson plans, assessment items, resources, and other information. For questions or further information about the Teacher Handbook, please contact Christie Lynch Howell, Arts Education Consultant, NCDPI, at 919.807.3856 or



The Teacher Handbook for Dance Education was created to assist teachers with the implementation of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and Grade Level Competencies, K-12 (SCS). The SCS was revised through the cooperation and assistance of individuals and groups throughout the state and was approved by the State Board of Education in December of 2000. The implementation year for the SCS is 2002-2003. The SCS will be regularly revised and improved to meet the needs of the students of North Carolina.

Standard Course of Study

Based on the National Standards for Arts Education, the SCS describes what students should know and be able to do as the result of instruction at each grade level or course in each of the four arts areas: dance, music, theatre arts and visual arts. The SCS was generated to provide a foundation for teachers and curriculum specialists in each school system to develop classes or courses and instructional strategies. Objectives in the SCS describe content and skills that are not limited to particular materials or methodologies, but that can be delivered through multiple approaches or materials. The SCS may be accessed online: (click on Curriculum) or purchased through NCDPI Publications.

Teacher Handbook

The Teacher Handbook for Dance Education is a supplement to the SCS. This teacher handbook provides teachers with some ideas of how particular goals and objectives may be addressed in the classroom. This document is not intended to be comprehensive or sequential, but rather, to illustrate some possible ways to help implement the SCS. Because specific objectives are not taught in isolation, it may be noted that both lesson plans and assessment items correlate with multiple goals and objectives, often within and across the arts and/or other content areas. The teacher handbook is in development; so as new lessons, assessment items, or other sections are developed, they will be added to this resource.

Thank you to the teachers in NC who developed these plans, assessments, and ideas to support teachers across our state!


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