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The First Fire Checklist for Assessment
(See Lesson Plan that aligns with this Assessment Item)

Grade Level or Course
4th Grade

Targeted Goals and Objectives from the 2000 North Carolina Arts Education Standard Course of Study and Grade Level Competencies, K-12:

1.01-Exhibit kinesthetic awareness: control, concentration, focus, and clarity of movement.

2.03-Demonstrate the ability to work independently and cooperatively.

3.01-Create and present simple dance sequences that convey meaning.

7.01-Identify concepts which occur between dance and other content areas including English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, Theater Arts, and Visual Arts.

7.02-Create a dance sequence that demonstrates understanding of a concept or idea from another content area


Link with other subjects:

English Language Arts, Grade 4-reading a legend; responding to selection using interpretive processes by identifying and examining characters' actions and motives;
Social Studies, Grade 4-ways of living of Native American groups in North Carolina
Type of Assessment:

_____ Diagnostic
__X__ Monitoring
__X__ Summative
Type of Item:

_____ Selected Response
_____ Written Response
_____ Performance
_____ Conversation
__X__ Observation


Alignment with NC High School Exit Exam:

_____ Communication
__X__ Processing Information
__X__ Problem Solving
_____ Using Numbers and Data


Assessmen Itemt:

(See Lesson Plan that aligns with this Assessment Item)
See checklist at the end of this item

Scoring Information:

Use a checklist (see the end of this item) to observe students during group work and performance, and check off items as they are observed. An informal discussion after the performance can be used to check for understanding and to compare choreographic choices that groups made. Checklist can be used to conference with individual students.

Teacher notes:

If you wish to extend this topic into further lessons, the students could write their own legends that explain an animal characteristic or trait (integrating Science and English Language Arts objectives) and create dances about those. Another option is to use Native American picture symbols: Explore creating abstract movements that express different symbols and then write a legend using the picture symbols and choreograph that.


Checklist for Assessment
"The First Fire" - 4th grade Dance lesson



Cooperates/ participates in group

Shows what happens to character

Performs with concentration and focus

Participates in discussion

Shows respect for others and story



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