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Checklist for Original Student Compositions

Grade Level or Course
Dance III/IV

Targeted Goals and Objectives from the 2000 North Carolina Arts Education Standard Course of Study and Grade Level Competencies, K-12:

2.01- Assess the use of improvisation to solve movement problems individually and with a group.

2.03- Analyze the use of differing stimuli in personal choreography.

3.01- Communicate personal feelings and ideas through movement with individual style and clarity.

4.01- Choreograph a dance and revise it over time articulating the reasons for the artistic decisions made.

4.02- Apply selected aesthetic criteria to analyze personal choreography and that of others.

4.03- Relate and examine viewer opinions about dance with peers in a supportive and constructive manner.

8.01- Demonstrate the consistent use of concentration and focus as part of the role of a performer of dance.


Link with other subjects:

Language Arts
Information Skills
Computer Technology goals
Type of Assessment:

_____ Diagnostic
__X__ Monitoring
__X__ Summative
Type of Item:

_____ Selected Response
__X__ Written Response
__X__ Performance
__X__ Conversation
__X__ Observation


Assessmen Item:

See Checklist for Choreography at the end of this item.

Teacher notes:

The Checklist for Choreography used in this lesson can be used to evaluate and assess several different types of assignments. This may be used for basically any type of choreography assessment whether group or individual project.


Checklist for Original Student Compositions


Name: __________________________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________________

Title of Dance: ___________________________________________________

Choreographer: __________________________________________________

National Dance Standard(s): Identify and demonstrate movement elements and skills in performing dance; understand choreographic principles, processes and structures; understand dance as a way to create and communicate meaning; apply and demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills in dance.

Checklist for Choreography
(0-5 points, 5=highest, 0=lowest)

_____ Unifying theme, idea or feeling.

 _____ Use of diverse or original movement.

 _____ Use of space: air patterns, floor patterns, change of levels.

 _____ Use of all body parts.

 _____ Use of technical skills of dancers.

 _____ Use of directions: change of focus, change of direction faced.

 _____ Maintaining interest: rhythmic changes, sustained/percussive, unison/contrast.

_____ Relationships between dancers: solo, duet, trio, near/far, active/passive, etc.

 _____ Use of choreographic structures: AB ( ), ABA ( ), Rondo ( ), theme and variation ( ), cannon ( ), collage ( ), narrative ( ).

_____ Use of research.


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