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Science Wiki
NCDPI's Science Wiki website is a resource designed especially for educators that provides a variety of instructional and research materials to assist in the preparation of moving to the Science Essential Standards.


Reference Tables are provided for each of the following courses: Chemistry, Earth Environmental Science, Physical Science, and Physics. They are also available in large type editions. Their purpose is to allow students and teachers to focus on understanding and applying concepts rather than memorizing equations. These reference tables are intended for students to use throughout each of the respective courses. Another copy of the appropriate Reference Tables will be provided to students when they take the End-of-Course Test. Students should be given their own copy of these reference tables at the beginning of each course and asked to use it frequently so that they become familiar with all of the information provided.


Has general information about honors course requirements as well as a science specific section. Use in conjunction with the honors section of each course's support document.

Honors Course Implementation Guide
(pdf, 802kb)


Please visit the Publications Sales website at to access the catalog and order the posters listed below. Ordering information can be found by selecting "Ordering Information" in the navigation menu on the left.

  • Goggles: It's the Law
  • Science Chemicals Poster
    This poster can be laminated and then the appropriate chemical safety information can be filled in for each laboratory investigation
  • Science Safety Signs
    These are used to mark Safety Equipment, Exits, Hazards etc to comply with safety regulations
  • North Carolina Through Time Geologic Poster


Note: Some school system firewalls prevent all list serve messages - please check with your Technology coordinator to be sure you can receive list serve messages. In some counties this has not been possible and educators have had to join with their home e-mail.

  • Science Supervisors List Serve: Designed to communicate with Central Office Science Curriculum Supervisors. Science teachers are also welcome to join. This list serve is used to send DPI announcements only and includes policy updates, DPI professional development opportunities, and other announcements. To join send your name, LEA, e-mail address, phone number and job title to Susan Hart
  • High School Curriculum Support: Designed for high school teachers interested in receiving DPI information. Members receive information for all science areas and are expected to share with their departments. Requests for teachers to serve on various committees are also advertised through this list serve. To join e-mail Susan Hart at with all of your contact information (name, school, subject area, e-mail address and phone) and ask to be added to the High school science support documents list serve.
  • NCSciTeach: This is a list serve for science educators hosted at NCSU. This list serve includes a variety of professional development opportunities, contests for students, grants, and interesting science education news. We do not put non-DPI Professional Development announcements on the DPI List Serves. Therefore it is important for science teachers and supervisors to belong to both!

    To Subscribe:
    1. Visit
    2. Type ncsciteach in the mailing list box.
    3. Enter your email address on the next page and click subscribe.
    4. If you do not receive a confirmation, please e-mail John Park at


Each of our support documents has a detailed section with safety resources. Further web resources are given here.

NIOSH CDC School Chemistry Laboratory Safety Guide

NC Department of Labor Guide to School Safety and Health

North Carolina School Science Facilities Planner
This is a helpful guide when designing or remodeling science classrooms, laboratories and prep rooms. It includes important information about safe science facilities.

Council of State Science Supervisors (safety downloads)

NSTA Position Statements
Statements that particularly relate to safety include:

the North Carolina State Testing Results, also known as the "Green Book"
links to test overviews and additional sample EOC questions sorted by goal
Look in the on-line catalog for various curriculum materials, science safety posters, science posters, etc.


Sarah Reives
Accountability Services/Test Development

Test Information Sheets


Form to volunteer to be an item writer or reviewer.

Style manual for item writers - information for science is on pages 18-21.

NAEP Resources : This is sample questions from the NAEP Assessment. Some good sample questions here -also information on how students score nationally on each item. It does take a little time to use.

Edinformatics: This site pulls together links to states with released science test items. The site can help classroom teachers by providing model test questions.

SCASS: This site is houses a database of science questions for use in the public domain. Log in as a "guest" and surf the database. North Carolina is a member of Science SCASS. Your local testing coordinator should be able to give you a password to use the secure item bank. If you have further difficulties please contact one of the science consultants for assistance.