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Founding Principles Resources
On Wednesday, September 20, 2015 the North Carolina General Assembly ratified Senate Bill 524: AN ACT TO ENHANCE THE RIGOR OF INSTRUCTION OF THE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES AND TO AUTHORIZE THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC IN-STRUCTION TO USE FUNDS TO CONDUCT A PILOT PROGRAM ON INTEGRATED COMMUNITY-BASED ADAPTED SPORTS PROGRAMS FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABIL-ITIES. There are two aspects to this bill. The first is a modification of the “Founding Principles Act” that directs the State Board of Education to require the teaching of a semester course that includes instruction in the Founding Principles of the United States and the State of NC. In addition to the principles that were enumerated in the previous legislation, three additional principles were added. The State Board has already designated the course, American History: The Founding Principles, Civics and Economics as the course that would meet this requirement. There are already materials to support this course that can be access from the NCDPI Social Studies wiki.

High School Sequencing Document (revised 2016)
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Honors Social Studies

United States Senate Youth Scholarship Program
A Scholarship Possibility for Eligible North Carolina Juniors and Seniors