CONTACT:: Terra Dominguez, SEED Functional System Analyst

What is SEED?

The State Exchange of Education Data (SEED), formerly Southeastern Education Data Exchange, project will enable participating states to track, monitor, and share information for transfer students who cross state lines.

This project will accomplish two goals for participating states:

  • Provide basic student information for a newly registered student transferring from a participating state. 
  • Identify students who transfer between the participating states but may be reflected as drop-outs by their "home" state.  Participating states can more accurately reflect drop-out and graduation rates.

Why is this project important for NC?

When these goals are met, participating states will realize three primary benefits:

  • Improve continuity of services for regional transfer students,
  • Enhanced accuracy of graduation and drop-out rate calculations,
  • Contribute to other efforts aimed at ensuring all students graduate from high school ready for a career and/or a postsecondary course of study.  

The Georgia DOE has developed, will operate, and maintain a centralized point of exchange for routing requests and responses for information related to transfer of students across state lines for participating states in SEED.

Charter states currently participating in this project include Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia*, Kentucky*, North Carolina*, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

* Pilot State

To login to SEED, please visit the following link: