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North Carolina LEA / Charter Pilot
The North Carolina LEA / Charter pilot was held October 1st through October 29th, 2013.

There were 5 pilot participants: Buncombe County Schools, Cabarrus County Schools, Charlotte Mecklenburg County Schools, Durham County Schools, & East Wake Academy.

Document Intended Use
Pilot Participants
(pdf, 340kb)
A listing of the LEA / Charter pilot contacts and the Georgia SEED team contacts for the pilot.
Power Point Presentation
(pdf, 1.1mb)
Power Point Presentation for NC SEED Pilot
Pilot Concept Paper
(pdf, 438kb)
A short summary of why SEED is needed, why it is important, goals and objectives, and high level information on the SEED pilot.

SEED District Administrator Training
The State Exchange of Education Data (SEED) District Administrator train-the-trainer training sessions will be available via GoToWebinar, and for your convenience at the NCDPI's annual Home Base Symposium February 24, which will be held at the Sheraton/Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC. A link to the online registration for the Home Base Symposium is available in the table below. There is not a charge if you register and attend only the SEED District Administrator training session. If you register for additional symposium sessions, standard charges apply. GoToWebinar training session registration links are available in the table below. Training content at the Home Base Symposium and sessions via GoToWebinar are identical, you need only to attend one of the training sessions.

SEED Scheduled Training

2/24/15symposium8:30–9:15 AM
2/24/15symposium10:30–11:15 AM
2/24/15symposium1:00–1:45 PM
3/03/15webinar9:30–11:00 AM
3/05/15webinar1:30–3:00 PM
3/09/15webinar9:30–11:00 AM
3/11/15webinar1:30–3:00 PM

District Administrators will be responsible for adding and training users to their LEA / Charter.  Training related questions should be directed to the NC SEED State Administrator by sending an email to